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Future Video

Message par orco » lun. sept. 20, 2021 3:41 pm

Un nouvel éditeur américain à suivre : Future Video.

Leur nouvelle sortie Blu-Ray : Sons of Steel, un film australien metal sc-fi de 1989 et qui a l'air complétement dingue (c'est pré-commandé pour ma part :D ) :

Independent distributor Future Video has informed us that it is preparing a Blu-ray release of Gary L. Keady's Sons of Steel (1988), starring Rob Hartley, Roz Wason, Jeff Duff, Ralph Cotterill, Mark Hembrow, and Dagmar Bláhová. The release will be available for purchase on October 5.

Label description: The heavy metal futuristic action-packed adventure Sons of Steel is set in 21st century Sydney, Australia. Black Alice, rock star and man of peace, is trapped by the fascist government and accidentally transported into the future to witness the results of nuclear devastation. His grim discovery that he is directly responsible leads him to travel back from the future to save mankind from destruction.

Available for the first time in North America in this restored and remastered release from a 2K scan of the surviving 35mm elements, Sons of Steel is the lost sci-fi, time-traveling post-apocalyptic Ozploitation musical you'll never forget!

Special Features and Techical Specs:
Father of Steel - A look back with Writer/Director Gary L. Keady (35 mins)
Isolated Music Track (DTS-HD MA & Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Mixes)
Original Video Release Trailer
2021 Release Trailer
Future Video Trailers
Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature
BD-R 25
Le site de l'éditeur pour commander leurs galettes : https://future-video.tv